Youzik application for Android smartphones & tablets!

    Easily download your favorite Youtube videos to mp3 directly from your Android device.

    How to install Android app?

    Download the app

    In order to install Youzik for Android, you have to enable the installation of apps from "Unknown sources". You can use the following guide for reference:

    Open "Parameters" from your App screen

    Screenshot Youzik Android 1

    Scroll down, and "Security"

    Screenshot Youzik Android 2

    Then, check the "Unknown sources" option

    Screenshot Youzik Android 3

    All you have to do now is download "youtubemp3.apk" and install the app

    Screenshot Youzik Android 4

    What is this Android app for?

    The Android app allows you to use Youzik from your Android smartphone or tablet without having to launch your web browser. As a result, you can download and convert your favorite Youtube videos from your mobile device and listen to the resulting audio file at the blink of an eye.

    The app design and features are exactly the same as those on the original mobile website, but you will no longer have to google "Youzik" to retrieve your mp3 files. The app is light and doesn't need the latest Android OS version to work, so most smartphones and tablets should be able to launch it.

    What are the advantages of the Android app over the mobile site?

    • - You just have to click the app icon to access Youzik

    • - Browsing is smoother on the app

    • - Less invasive ads

    • - Elements of the website were removed, except for the bare essentials

    How much does Youzik for Android cost?

    The app and service are free; the Youtube to mp3 downloading platform is now available and integrated in the app for your absolute pleasure!