Youzik, Youtube mp3 app for iPhone & iPad!

    Create playlists and watch your favorite Youtube videos directly from your iPhone or iPad.

    How to install the iOS app?

    Youzik is available on Apple's App Store. You can download it at this very moment.

    Download the app

    What is the iOS app for?

    Youzik for iOS will allow you to discover hundreds of Youtube videos sorted by music genre (hip-hop, latino, electro, etc.) and look up the most viewed videos in every country, create a playlist from the results, and play the video audio tracks as background music even when your device is locked.

    Some people compare this app to free versions of Deezer or Spotify. The interface is intuitive and the design is neat. Additionally, this app features some very useful options, such as selection of quality video, which allows you to prevent overuse of your mobile data, and even a search history so that you can retrieve a video that you have not been able to add to your playlist.

    Here's a few screenshots from the app:

    Screenshot of Youzik iPhone 1

    Screenshot of Youzik iPhone 2

    What are some of the iOS app features?

    • - Smart search directly from Youtube

    • - Video management thanks to the creation of playlists

    • - Playback of Youtube videos in the background

    • - Sorting of the most viewed videos by music genre and country

    • - Daily browsing of content from very large playlists (hip-hop, latino, club, rock, reggae, minimal, techno, trance, classic blues and jazz)

    • - Wireless playback thanks to Apple AirPlay

    • - High-Quality Youtube video playback

    • - Video quality management as a means to prevent overuse of your mobile data

    • - Youtube search history on the app

    How much does Youzik for iOS cost?

    This is app is free and will continue to be, it doesn't force you to make any purchase and it's accessible to anyone with an iPhone or iPad. Besides, this app, just as the website, features very little ads so that your browsing experience is the best.